Wolffs Kasha Whole 13 oz Pack of 1


Indulge in Wolffs Kasha Whole, a 13 oz pack of one, sourced from the United States. Perfect for your culinary creations. Shop now!

Product Description:

Discover the delightful Wolffs Kasha Whole, a 13 oz pack of one, straight from the heart of the United States. Elevate your dishes with this premium product that promises quality and flavor in every bite.


Quantity 13 oz
Pack Size 1 pack
Origin United States


Total Weight 156 ounces
Manufacturing Location United States


Ensure to store this product at ambient room temperature. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its freshness and quality.


The Wolffs Kasha Whole consists of high-quality ingredients carefully selected to provide you with a wholesome and delicious experience. Enjoy the richness of this product in your favorite recipes.