Nature’s Path Smart Bran Cereal, High Fiber, Heart Healthy, 10.6-Ounce


Start your day with Nature’s Path Smart Bran Cereal. Packed with 17g of fiber, it’s organic, high fiber, and heart-healthy. Enjoy it as a cereal or sprinkle over salads or yogurt.

Product Description:

Start your day with the intelligent powerhouse of Nature’s Path Organic Smart Bran Cereal. This 10.6-ounce box contains crunchy, tasty little nuggets packed with 17 grams of fiber. Made with organic psyllium, heart-healthy oat bran, and wheat bran, it’s not only a delicious cereal but also a versatile ingredient that can be sprinkled over salads, yogurt, or included in Smart Bran muffins and baked goods. The box even includes a recipe for Smart Bran muffins and baked goods.


– 10.6-ounce box

– High fiber content, 17 grams per serving

– Organic, no synthetic pesticides or herbicides

– Heart-healthy oat bran and wheat bran

– Versatile, can be used in various recipes


Brand Nature’s Path
Weight 10.6 ounces
Quantity Pack of 1
Attributes Organic, High Fiber, Heart Healthy, Low Sodium


Enjoy Nature’s Path Organic Smart Bran Cereal as a breakfast cereal, or get creative and sprinkle it over salads, yogurt, or include it in Smart Bran muffins and baked goods using the recipe provided on the box.


Organic psyllium, heart-healthy oat bran, wheat bran