Kix Whole Grain Breakfast Cereal, Crispy Corn Puffs, 12 oz Pack


Start your day with Kix, the wholesome breakfast cereal that’s a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Enjoy the sweet, crunchy puffs, perfect for a healthy start or as a family snack.

Product Description:

Kix Whole Grain Breakfast Cereal is the perfect choice for a wholesome and delicious breakfast. Made with crispy corn puffs, this cereal is not only tasty but also a good source of calcium and vitamin D, essential for maintaining strong bones. With whole grain as the first ingredient, each serving provides 21g of whole grain, making it a nutritious choice to kick-start your day.


  • Delicious crispy corn puffs
  • Good source of calcium and vitamin D
  • 21g of whole grain per serving
  • No high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors


This pack contains 12 oz of General Mills Kix Breakfast Cereal. It is a kid-tested, parent-approved cereal that has been a favorite for over 70 years. Each serving has 4g of sugar and is made with just 7 simple ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals.


Kix cereal is versatile and can be enjoyed with milk for a quick breakfast. It can also be used as a snack, making it a convenient and delicious option for the whole family.